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Shield your property from unwanted weather conditions and nosy passersby with our screening trees. We offer a great selection of healthy
trees for sale.


Separate your landscape from the rest of the block with our colorful and vibrant flowering shrubs. From holly to barberry, our selection meets every need.


For beautiful flowers that come back
year after year, choose Varnell Nursery. We offer stunning perennial plants and flowers for
your garden.

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Our Story

For lovely plants and flowers that leave your home and garden looking dazzling all year, choose Varnell Nursery in McDonald, Tennessee. Our tree and plant nursery offers a massive selection of large caliper trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. We pride ourselves on the premium service we offer. If you bring in a picture of your land, we help lay out your landscaping at no charge.

At our retail center, we carry bulk items you can't get anywhere else, including mulch, compost, mushroom compost, colored mulches, and black gold. Customers can either pick up bulk items by the truckload or we can deliver to your doorstep for a fee.

Contact us for a tree and plant nursery that has everything you need to make your property shine.

More Than 100 Years of Experience